The team

Our team consists of experts from multiple disciplines, all with strong experience in:

  • high quality research
  • innovation and commercialisation
  • education and training.

We are dedicated to making Australian industries and communities safer and more educated in the field of radiation.

See our team members on our Contact us page.

Our purpose

To deliver innovative, timely solutions and services to industries engaged in radiation-related activities.

Our vision

To be a nationally recognised centre for advancing radiation research, education, training and innovation.

Our goals

CRREI is a collaboration between industry, government, researchers and the community.

Our main goal is to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries with radiation-related activities or issues.

To achieve our goal, we also aim to:

  • foster high quality research to solve industry-identified challenges, through industry-led and outcome-focused collaborative research projects that involve both industry and researchers
  • encourage and facilitate small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in collaborative research
  • be a recognised international radiation education hub providing individuals and organisations with the qualifications required for a highly skilled workforce.


Our laboratory and office space are located at The University of Adelaide’s North Terrace campus in the centre of Adelaide’s CBD.

We are co-located with Adelaide Microscopy and an Atom Trap Trace Facility.

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